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Industrial and Sanitary wastewater treatment

We can supply compact and automatic wastewater treatment plants for industrial and sanitary use.

The plants can also be containerized to achieve the necessary mobility to satisfy clients needs at each production site.

Engineering, commissioning and start up are provided to supply the best solution on a case by case bases, through a group of experts with more than 40 years of experience.

The following types of industrial wastewater are examples of streams that can be treated:

• workshops – car repair shops

• galvanic cells

• aircrafts maintenance

• food industries

• engine repair workshops

• printshops – serigraphy – flexography

• surface treatments

• paint and water paint production

• wall covering production

• washing of public transport vehicles on road or railway

• cleaning of buildings

• mechanical machining

• metallurgic and steel industry

• production of packaging, bags, cardboard

• chemical and pharmaceutical industries

• glass production

• maintenance of locomotives and wagons


The biological plants provide an optimum service for the treatment of dining facilities discharge and sanitary wastewater form oil & gas remote camps, construction sites and similar.

The plants are modular, and they can be transported together with the camp equipment.

The equipment needs a very limited maintenance, due to the fact that there are no mechanical parts in movement.

We can provide biological treatment of sanitary wastewater from:

• camps - remote worksites

• small residential units

• hotels

• campings

• restaurants – dining facilities

• small and medium residential compounds

• residential areas

• towns up to 30.000 population equivalent

• factories with wastewater discharge containing high organic component, or that need an activated sludge treatment