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Industrial Services

Inspection and cleaning of large industrial plants. Whatever the task, COMMENDA PRIMA submits an appropriate process from the wide range of different cleaning options. 

From high-pressure water cleaning of tanks and heat exchangers, our  tank cleaning process for large tanks in the petrochemical industry, chemical cleaning and, if
necessary, passivation of pipelines, to the system flush process, we offer effective solutions for your specific needs.

Tank, vessel and column cleaning

With tank, vessel and column cleaning, all removable residues are cleared from the tank.Even the most persistent contamination can be removed non-abrasively by means of high-pressure water cleaning equipment with a pressure range of 150-1,400 bar and a

Pipeline Service


We provides services for all stages in the lifecycles of pipelines.

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COMMENDA PRIMA offers a very experienced staff providing advice and representation to domestic and foreign firms. 
The services and solutions, proposed in a very professional manner in conjunction with our international partners, are at the forefront of the best available technologies and processes. The companies's management is flexible and effective, and pursues the utmost customer satisfaction throug an excellent response and interacition with all involved parties.

Our mission is to:

• Evaluate of the quality and competitiveness of services, to provide the best service to customers

• Provide service reliability and speed

• Respect the timeframe and the rights of our customers

• Be always reachable and accessible

• Use the most effective technology

• Be the first choice of our customers