Drilling Waste Management

COMMENDA PRIMA can provide drilling waste service at remote location, directly at the rig site.

The available processes include:

• Water Based Mud (WBM) exhaust mud dewatering

• WBM cuttings solidification and stabilization and inertization

• Oil Based Mud (OBM) cuttings stabilization and intertization

The plants are mobile and containerized, and they are equipped with an independent power supply. The field crew has several years of experience, and can handle the treatment of the most common drilling muds.

The drilling waste treatment reduces the hazard of the waste, immobilize the contaminants and lowers the landfill category for the disposal. The process allow the minimization of the environmental risk, and in many cases, the cuttings and the solid fraction from the dewatering can be used as consolidated material for the construction of temporary desert roads.